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I received a lovely little package from Nikki over at Aden + Anais the other day. As I tore through the nondescript cardboard shipping box, I gasped in delight when my eyes fell on the trio of organic bamboo blankets and Swaddle Love book nestled inside.

Immediately, I began leafing through the pages of Swaddle Love. My ovaries ached as I gazed at the more; it details the history and science of swaddling as well. Additionally, they outline two separate ways to swaddle, and point parents in the direction of safe swaddling habits.
sweet, serene babies all swaddled softly. It wasn't only full of beautiful pictures though, it was also the personal story of Raegan Moya-Jones (co-founder and CEO of Aden + Anais), and how she came to be such an advocate of swaddling. But the book contains even

No wonder that swaddling has been around from the Nomadic times, was an intricate part of fulfilling Prophecy, survived even as Rome fell, and is now making a reemergence in the modern world! 

The one and only grief I have about the book is that she advocates "What to Expect When You're Expecting" on her recommended reading list. And, well, you can't be entirely perfect! :)

Next, I brought out the trio of blankets! She had sent me the 3 pack of Mela Bamboo Muslin Swaddles and I nearly squeed with excitement!

After a beautiful homebirth with a dear client, I knew that she had to be the one to review the blankets herself.

So, during our first of two postpartum visits, I brought her the book and the blankets to review. This is what she had to say,
"I love these! I have already decided I need to go back to their website and order a few more, probably in pink. What do I love about them? They are big, but not in a bulky way. There is a lot of fabric, which allows you to wrap your baby snugly, wear it as a cover while nursing, or even wear it myself as a scarf.

I also love how lightweight the material is. Living in a hot and humid part of Texas, it's hard to find a swaddling blanket that won't overheat a baby. These are perfect. They're also stretchy, so you can get a nice snug, tight wrap on baby. And finally, they are really cute!"
And her little doll-baby does such a nice job modeling for us, I just have to share!

Having wrapped a ton of babies over my 12 years of doula work, I can tell you, no muslin swaddle comes even close to the quality, durability, softness, and aesthetic charm of the Aden + Anais blankets!

Thank you, Nikki, for giving me the chance to review them!

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