The Midwife's Tale - book review

Sam Thomas , author and historian, has written a brilliant historical mystery, “The Midwife’s Tale”. This riveting mystery takes us back to 1644, a time of uprising and uncertainty. Parliament’s armies have risen up against the reigning powers of York and a city is at unrest. Midwife Bridget, a widowed midwife, finds herself at the center of a mystery, bringing danger to her doorstep in more ways than the siege ever would. 

Ester Cooper, Bridget’s friend, has been convicted of murdering her husband and is sentenced to be burned at the stake. Bridget is not convinced that her friend is guilty, and begins the plight of proving her innocence. As Bridget works to bring new life into a war-ravaged city, preserve the life of a close friend, and keep herself out of trouble amidst it all, she finds an unlikely ally in her new servant, Martha Hawkins. Bridget soon realizes Martha is not all she claims to be, as she is as astute at controlling the birthing room as she is at felling a would-be alley thief. 

Bridget and Martha find themselves waist-deep in a conspiracy to cover up treasonous plans and treacherous acts. Insidious and powerful men seek to silence the pair as they come closer to the truth. The Midwife’s Tale is exciting and surprising. The historical mystery, released on January 8, 2013, had me reading well into the wee hours of morning, hoping for just one more moment alongside Bridget in the alleyways of York. 

This isn’t only a midwife’s recollections of birth – this is a story of rebirth, second chances, and hope. Throw in a healthy dollop of mystery and murder, and you have The Midwife’s Tale. 

I recommend this book with 4-stars. I look forward to reading it again and again, and know my readers will enjoy it just as much as I did.

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