Human Milk Sharing

Perhaps you are an adoptive mama for a baby who had been born into special circumstances. And, because of that, perhaps you believe that, more than usual, your baby could benefit from mama milk.

Perhaps you are one of the select few you truly cannot nurse your baby and really want all of the benefits of breastmilk for your child.

Perhaps you cannot afford milk-bank milk...

Perhaps you are a lactating mother who has a surplus of milk and are passionate about your 'liquid gold'...

For whatever reason, many women are beginning to seek out milk share programs, a place where lactating women and women who are seeking human milk for their baby can meet and exchange information. This is not a place to make money, and the human milk is raw (unpasteurized). Most milk share programs have a screening process for the lactating women, and many will screen the recipient families as well.

Regardless, this awakening is beautiful to me. Because it is not pasteurized, the human milk retains all of its miraculous properties. Because the donations are not anonymous, a village truly does get to raise a child! Women create long-term bonds and exchange wisdom, and babies benefit from the nurturing and nourishing of more than one mother. It is lovely to behold!

If you are in Texas and are interested in either donating milk or seeking out a milk donation, check out:

Milk Share
Eats on Feets

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