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I have blogged about circumcision a few times before. On Circumcision, What About Afterward, How Do You Decide, and Live Journal Rant are my prior posts.

This is usually a very touchy subject, but one that I cover with the families that I work with. I never used to, but I have found about 1/2 of the families that do circumcise end up regretting it. SO.. with that said.. I hope I don't offend.

Below, you will find some information I share with clients and friends.
Additionally, there are some great video resources to take a look at.

Penn & Teller Documentary - a humorous (and very colorfully embellished) video on circumcision and good solid information about it. It shows a GRAPHIC circumcision at 2:02-2:11 and 19:49-19:56.. other than that, there is no other procedures shown. 22:37-23:40 and 24:13-18 shows an adult restored foreskin and 23:40-23:52 shows a topless woman. Sorry, lots of disclaimers.
Function of the Prepuce - an educational piece on the biological and sexual function of the foreskin.


Mrs Campbell said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! That first video was just fantastic, but FAR too crude. I would love to find another that is just as informative and entertaining and humorous, so that I could share with my Catholic and Mormon doula clients, without offending their sensibilities. Do you know of any other options? The more I learn about circumcision, the more I want to call it Male Genital Mutilation. It is such a sensitive topic, I really appreciate the 'lighthearted' approach they took, it just went to far... Any thoughts?

Nicole D said...

Mrs. Campbell -

I WISH I could find one a little less crude too! I have the same problem - light hearted but too crass/crude for my Christian/Mormon/Muslim clients.

Or, at least, to find an edited version of that movie. :)

anjie said...

I really like these two videos:




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