Tis Better To Give... WINNERS

Sorry it has taken me awhile to get these up... my computer doesn't seem to like blogger right now, or vice versa. :)

BUT, I have the winners to Tis Better to Give, and they are, in order:

This means that Enjoy Birth, Kalie, and Heidelade are my winners!
  • Enjoy Birth asked for the book, as she is #1 on the list, she receives her first choice, Arms Wide Open
  • Kalie, #2, asked for the book as well, unfortunately, I only have one to give away, so she will be winning The Expecting Mama packet! I hope she has use for these in her business!
  • And Heidelade is #3! She also asked for the book, but she also gave me a second choice, the postpartum gift set! So, I will be sending out the postpartum gift set to her!
Ladies, be sure to contact me asap so that I can send these out to you!

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