Viewing Birth

As we have talked about so much prior to this, viewing natural, normal birth is something that our Western culture is missing. This is the best, most truest form of education available to women, and so vitally important. For this reason, I encourage you to view these beautiful birth stories.

Malachi Daniel's Birth from Evie Marie on Vimeo.

Oliver Bradshaw's Birth from Evie Marie on Vimeo.

And grab some snacks for this longer one:

A Home Birth Story from TOBY MADDEN on Vimeo.


Mia said...

I've been attending births over the past couple of weeks as part of my nursing school preceptorship. Unfortunately nursing students are only subjected to one side of the birthing spectrum. Here's your pitocin, whether you're in labor or not, oh, and here's your epidural. I find the nurses' attitudes toward natural childbirth to be hilarious. They simply have no idea. No, I wouldn't want to go all natural in the hospital setting without the freedom to move around, drink water, and get in my beloved tub; but in the right setting, it did feel right.

I feel for the women that aren't aware of their choices, that blindly follow the lead of their OB/GYN, and get so many different drugs pumped into them it isn't even funny.

I will hopefully get a job in labor and delivery. Yes, in a hospital. I need that experience so I can get a job being the type of nurse I want to be at our local birth center, then to get into school as a midwife. It will be a long journey, but oh so worth it!

Lyssa Kaehler said...

I have been looking for good videos of natural hospital births to share with clients, and it is hard! There are lots of photo essays, but I haven't had much luck finding good video.


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