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Laura is author of Authentic Parenting. She is our next guest blogger in the Conscious Parenting Series. She is a woman, a mother, and a wife. Additionally, Laura has a master's degree in communication sciences, but has chosen to stay at home with her child. A lot of the choices her family has made in life have revolved around wanting a big family.

But these choices have additional benefits. They get to see a lot of the world. They have already lived in four different countries together... currently, they live on the Ivory Coast (West Africa).

Everything family-related became a bit of an obsession to Laura soon after she became pregnant with her daughter. This 'obsession' led her to attachment parenting, about natural childbirth, baby led weaning and so on. It has led their family to 'go green' and eat paleo.

And ultimately it has led to her blog.

So kick back, relax, and enjoy her post on Exercise in Being Present:
Simply being present is one of the most important, life influencing 'presents' we can give to our children, yet simple as this may seem, it can prove to be a real ordeal for parents in a modern world.

We are so consumed by the bigness of the multitude of things we engage in that we walk past the small and the rare without noticing. Our children's marvels can seem futile compared to our struggles and worries.
We stress and ponder and fret and plan, and all the while life passes us by. While we are busy looking to the future, the presence unravels.

In order to be present for our children, the first thing we need to do is to be in the present. To experience the "now" as it is. Most adults have become conditioned to live through future or past projections so this may prove a difficult task...

Read the rest here!

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