Chelsea Rose Fine Art

I just happened to stumble upon this awesome blog by the artist, Chelsea Rose.

She has some amazing work that can be seen on her official site, her blog, and her etsy shop. She truly is a one-of-a-kind artist with a very distinct palate and form. I love her body painting series that can be seen in her book, a sample of which can be seen below:

Finally, the post that had me stumbling onto her site? A Maternity Body Painting session commissioned by a local photographer. I LOOOVE this. If I were ever to become pregnant again, I would so want Chelsea to paint me. :)

Thank you, Chelsea Rose, for allowing me to share your art with my readers. You are truly talented!


*a* [formerly lala] said...

i've seen her on flickr a lot. i tend to do searches for "dreads" a lot and she pops up for lots of the results. i had no idea she did body painting-- it's fabulous!

Britt:) said...

HI! I like your blog! I have been fallowing up on it for a while now, as I am 34 weeks pregnant now. :) Perhaps you could add mine sometime?

Alisha Stamper said...

wow. Thanks for the link to her. I'm so very impressed. Such beautiful work like nothing I have ever seen before!


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