Hellena Post - Birthing Twins

I happened upon an amazingly beautiful birthing story of one mama and her two little bairns. The beautiful thing about her story is that it tells of so much that is little talked about: the ability to birth twins days or even weeks apart, when left alone and babies are healthy and fine, a mama working through her physical and emotional self in order to birth, and the fortitude that a long birth requires.

She is raw and honest. So, please take a short moment (around 13 minutes read time) and read the first and second part of this birth story, complete with beautiful birthing pictures!


Hellena Post said...

Just want to say a big thankyou for first of all liking my story, and secondly for sending a whole heap of folk to my blog to read it!! It was (and is!) an amazing experience, with an unexpected side effect being a lot more people reading my blog than were before..... I have a lot to say about birth and lots of other things, so I'm pretty wrapped I finally have an audience:)

Reut said...

Wow, This is an amazing story! Thank you for sharing.


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