Autism and Childbirth

Recently, Elaine DeLack, RN, wrote a hypothesis on autism cause and treatment. The full article can be read here and her slideshow presentation on this hypothesis can be seen here (opens powerpoint presentation).

She contends that there is strong physiological as well as pharmaceutical evidence to suggest that the combination of the cocktail of medications in an epidural, along with pitocin, can cause changes in the baby's brain chemistry and its ability to metabolize this combination effectively.

The result is an increased risk of the damage that this causes manifesting itself  later in life during natural changes that occur in the child's brain. Thus, her hypothesis includes the possibility that epidural and pitocin combinations can contribute to the incidence of autism.

Here is a synopsis of her lecture presented at the conference via Autism One website:
“This presentation will explain how the metabolic imbalances, gastric problems, and core symptoms of autism may be the result of a malfunction of the mitochondrial enzyme, MAO-A. The presentation will discuss how stress, genetics, epidurals with Pitocin (oxytocin) augmentation during childbirth, toxins such as mercury, aluminum, high copper and cadmium are possible risk factors contributing to the overall symptoms resulting from the MAO-A deficiency. This science provides the rationale unifying the benefits seen from various therapies such as the gluten-free and casein-free diet, hyperbaric oxygen, methylcobalamin and Respen-A.”
Although obvious further research is needed, this may be a huge step in the direction of finding a preventative measure against autism. I am not jumping on the bandwagon, but I am excited to see what future conclusions will find and how this might help us reduce the incidences of autism.

BTW, In 2007 the CDC reported that 1 in every 150 kids is diagnosed with autism. I am hopeful of any step we can take to lower these incidences.

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