BirthsMART (tm) - via Mama Is..

I love Mama Is... I mean, how could you not? I fell into her video this morning and simply had to share. Enjoy and comment away if you would like.


Anonymous said...

I love these! It is just so sad, because it is so true!

Meg said...

I was laughing until it got closer to the c/s. It should be sobering to The System that something like this can be so true. It's so sad.

Anonymous said...

Oh the cynical irony! Love it. And so sad that far too many women are "cared" for in this same manor. (Cared is in quotes...b/c can we really call that "care?")

I came across a post on my wordpress tag reader recently. It was a mom in her first pregnancy describing her first prenatal appts...which were nearly identical to the beginning of this video. She had expressed her desire for a natural birth. My heart sank. I wanted to comment and tell, "Run the HELL away from that office and never look back!" But I figured that might be a bit rude. ;)


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