Interactive Birthing

There are some wonderfully fun, informational, interactive programs on the internet nowadays. A few years ago, Contraction Master arrived on the internet, and shortly thereafter, Virtual Labor found it's way online. Just recently, even more choices are cropping up, and I can't say that I am disappointed!

Deliver My Baby - an interactive provider decider. :) "When you become pregnant, you are faced with many decisions. Who will provide health care for you and your baby, and who will deliver your baby? Here is a short quiz to help you narrow down the type of health care provider that best fits your needs. It will also give you a list of key questions to ask when interviewing potential care providers."

Inside Homebirth - an interactive birth settings comparison! Mousing over the different birth settings, you can see the risks and benefits of, explanations of, and tools of each birth setting.

Interventions and Your Body - this is a fun tool that allows you to move between hospital and home birth interventions and how they might affect you, your baby, and your birth.

Have fun clicking, comparing, and making the best choices for your desires/needs.

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Laura McIntyre said...

I love contraction master, i used it with my 3rd and loved when the midwife showed up and i just pointed at the laptop and she could see how my labour was progression. Internet rocks lol


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