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There have been some wonderful articles on recent studies that are very encouraging that I wanted to pass on to the women in my life (both IRL and blogsphere) that are expecting babies soon.

One discusses the issue of nuchal cords during labor and birth. A nuchal cord is, by definition, when the umbilical cord wraps around tte baby's neck while in the womb.

The article states:
A new study backs up previous research showing that nuchal cord is not the
threat it's percieved to be.

The second article I would like to bring to your attention is entitled Eating During Labor Has No Ill Effects. According to the study cited in this article
Allowing a pregnant woman to eat during labor does not seem to have any impact
on the outcome of the infant or mother, and doesn't increase the risk of
vomiting, according to a new study.

This is exciting that they have documented what many of us already know! Combine that with the decrease in labor length (albiet small) in the group allowed to eat during labor, and our knowledge of the human body and it's need for fuel during strenuous activity, eating when hungry during labor and birth is a good thing.

This borderline hypoglycemic is so happy to see this archaic practice is getting the bad attention it deserves! Hopefully this means women no longer *have* to sneak their nourishment when opting for hospital births.

I am happy to say that I have also contacted local hospitals recently to see if they have updated their NPO ("non per oris" or nothing by mouth) policy and 3 out of 4 immediately said yes.

Finally, this article talks about the increase risk of cesarean section from inducing labor prematurely.

Again, this is not new news, but definitely exciting to see it get some good media coverage. My favorite part of the article is the last sentence (emphasis mine)
"Glantz advises that pregnant women and their doctors may be better off waiting
for spontaneous labor. "Try to reserve interventions for situations
where risk outweighs benefit
". (and I assume he means risks of not intervening)

Now to see that in practice.... :-)


Anthro Doula said...

Yay! These are great! Thank you for sharing them, I'm going to post them on my blog as well.

Miracle Pending said...

I didn't listen to the nurse who told me not to eat. My mom brought me a bagel and cream cheese and I enjoyed every bite of it. I'm positive a "liquid diet" isn't going to provide the adequate caloric intake for labor.

Jenna said...

Oh my, I clapped for joy when I saw the "nuchal cord" study. In my efforts to talk about my home birth and help people understand that it isn't the nightmare they perceive it to be, nuchal cord is the NUMBER ONE concern that comes up because everyone is convinced their baby "would have died" had they not been in a hospital to deliver. Hooray for some proof to back up what I've been saying all along.!

Second concern? Breathing problems. If you could find me a study or something that talks about what is done to a baby after it is born, and how being in a hospital is only necessary in rare emergencies I would queen you my favorite blog of the month. Maybe even of the next two months. :)


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