So, out of the blue, this email pops into my inbox; she had found my post on the blessingway giveaways with the belly soaps.

"I just found your post of the pregnant-belly-shaped soaps, and I had to write. A couple years ago I was pregnant with twins (which I didn't realize until they were born - at home!) For my doula of all three of my births I wanted to home make a gift from my ceramic clay, but didn't know quite what to make.

I had recently learned to make ceramic whistles, so she suggested she could use a whistle during her birthing classes (she'll blow it to get the couple to pose and practice birthing positions.) So I made her a whistle in the profile and shape of a pregnant woman...the belly and breasts, and butt :)

Two years later, as I'm finally getting back into my clay (two little ones plus two more slightly older ones can wear one out!) the same doula/friend tells me that she brought her whistle to Australia to a doula workshop there, and the doulas loved it and if I could make more she had orders placed....! I was thrilled!

So I decided to also try making ocarinas (vessel flutes, easy to play) in the same shape, and with a hole so you could wear it around your neck like a pendant. The woman liked these, as well.

So now I am hopefully at a place where maybe I can start making some money by combining two of my passions: woman/birthing/pregnancy, etc and ceramic instruments. So the story of the belly soaps was very inspiring to me :)

Thanks, Debbie"

I just think they are so darned cute!


Sheridan said...

Very cool! When she is ready to sell them, I hope you post a link.

Laura McIntyre said...

Awesome, both of you are very talented

Debbie said...

Well, after months of procrastination, I do have a few for sale up on Etsy right now:


I had a problem with my glazes, and these are much larger than the original for a more pleasing tone, but it's a start :)


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