5 generations

This is a 5 generation photo of my mom's side of the family. This photo was taken 2 months ago right after my great-grandma's 97th birthday at a family reunion.

Funny thing: all of my children were born naturally, as were my mom's, 3 of my grandma's 4, and my great-grandma's 9.

I have been blessed to know this great-grandparent. She is getting ready to leave this world. It's strange that I am not truly sad to think that her time is close, simply anticipating and peaceful. She is ready, so ready, to go 'home'. And I am so ready for her to be done suffering in her body that is failing her.

Rixa's recent post, then, came very timely and it got me to thinking. Birth and death, the only two guarantees in life. And, just like birth, my grandma-great is meeting death surrounded by family, dependent on love and necessities - and peaceful. I pray my 'time' is the same.

I love you grandma-great.

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{Life Is Good} said...

Prayers for you.


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