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The CDC published it's cesarean stats for 2007. The national average was 31.8%.


Why do we allow this? Cohersion, fear, believing in a science rather than our bodies? What's the reasoning? There is not one good excuse that anyone can give me for why 1 out of every 3 women who walks through the door of a hospital will come out with a crescent shaped scar.

It's not just about the scar...it's about your medical team respecting your body and helping you to take every precaution to preserve it and keep it from unnecessary harm.

It is not about control... its about autonomy and genuine evidence based health care that sees women and babies as individuals and not just a moment with a means to an end.

It's not about the need for an experience... It's the transition from maiden to mother, it is the knowledge your body can do an amazing work, it is a preparation and a journey.

It's about babies being born with 80% higher chance of developing asthma
It's about the increase risk of hemorrhage, blood clots, and bowel obstructions for the woman
It's about longer hospital stays, higher risks of infection, and higher risks of long-term pelvic pain
It's about a higher risk of PPD
It's about higher rates of breastfeeding and early attachment complications
It's about future infertility issues, prematurity, low birth weight, ectopic pregnancy, and miscarriage

Cesareans are a a true medical miracle that should be used when NEEDED for EMERGENCIES... We should take our focus off of how comfortable we can make the act of bringing life into the world... and put the focus on how SAFE we can make the transition for all parties involved... and it all comes back to:

Birth shouldn't be this:

It should be this:

And for so many more reason than an experience...


Jill said...

I'm baffled too. Even more so that we accept this. I've been meaning to blog about it but i just can't find the words for how much it sickens me.

Beckaboo said...

wow that was beautiful! I wish I sang like that during labor, I've been told I sound like a gorilla. ;)

I think we are taught to fear birth, we put so much faith in our doctors hands instead of doing the research ourselves. People look at us like we're putting our babies in danger when we birth at home, but if you look at the facts we're putting our babies and our lives in danger by going to the hospital, unless of course you have a high risk pregnancy that actually needs medical attention. I'm not against hospitals, but the way they go about birth.

We're expecting #3 in August, 3rd natural non medicated birth, 2nd homebirth. What a difference in experience.

Hot Belly Mama said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I kept giggling everytime the cat's ears would pop up at the bottom of the frame. I have 8 cats and all I could think is that they would be swarming all over me during labor. They'd be peeking in through the windows, catching their tails on fire, and streaking by with a "gift" in their mouths, etc. lol.

Absolutely beautiful video.

wahmof9 said...

Sadly the childbirth industry does not practice evidence based medicine neither do they practice "first do not harm."

Sad but true!

Wendyrful said...

This is beautiful!!!!! I have posted the beautiful birth link on my blog and am now a follower of yours. I am a mom of 6, a Doula and a CBE and a MW in training. I started a birth type blog. I'd love to write as well as you... perhaps I'll just try to send everyone to your blog, you say it all so well! :-)

Stephenson! said...

Wow. I've watched quite a few birth videos, and the Naitre Enchantee has totally just become my favorite by far. Thank you for posting this.

Deb said...

I loved the second video of the laboring mom, her partner and midwife. There are so many negative imagines of birth creating a fearful portrayal of childbirth; what a great opportunity to be inspired of just how beautiful labor and birth can be.

Ritsumei said...

Ohhh... somebody complained about that second video, and they took it down. How disappointing. The "thumbnail" of the C-section video is plenty for me... I do NOT want to go there with *my* births!

elisabeth said...

doesn't it say something that YouTube "rejected the content" of the natural birth, but the c/s video remains? wow...


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