I apologize to my readers that I have been absent lately. We made a rather hasty move to another state this past 2 weeks and I am anxiously awaiting my breath's return - I seem to have lost it somewhere in the move. :o)

As I am waiting for some positive and meaningful neurotransmissions to fire off in my somewhat shocked and bemuddled brain, please quench your appetite by taking a gander at what's been in the news lately:

Maternity-Care Failings Can be Remedied With Cost-Saving Fixes

High Tech Interventions Delivery Huge Childbirth Bills


DoulaMomma said...

wow - I've been wondering & was just thinking 2day of writing to see where you were!
I emailed you off-blog.

Sending you peace & calm & energy.


Jack said...

I saw your post to All Doulas about your services in your new state and figured your absence had something to do with that. Hope you get to relax soon!

the holly said...

omg - where are you??? can't believe it! hope its beautiful and full of goodness for you and yours!


Curious Birther said...

Hey there lady!!
It's love coming from TN!
I am glad you all are in your new hometown, safe! I miss you back here, but it is all wonderful.

kris said...

wow!! hope it turns out well for you guys!! blessings:)

Kat said...

I totally feel for you! Moving completely disrupts regular blogging. Good luck with all the unpacking and getting settled and I look forward to having you back in the blogosphere!


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