If I could gift you one thing...

Mama -

You are still, still among the throng of busy women, attending to your showering. You, who are sitting with your ripe, round belly and breasts, proudly blushing amid swaddlers, diapers, and infant carriers... I look at you silently, wishingly... wishing...

If I could gift you one thing, it would be intuition.

I would wrap your mind in wisdom - to understand your body better than any PhD could - to listen to it's rhythms like a well-tuned clock harkening it's minutes in passing.

I would give you faith in your body - giving you eyes to see the millions of women from all walks of humanity in the throes of their birthing time, and show you their strength.

I would hold your thoughts against the fluttering breast of your unborn child - to be aware of his needs and abilities to help walk with you through your birthing time.

I would wrap your spirit around your breasts to believe that you were created to nourish your child, you are a fount of life beyond 9 months.

I would give you intuition to know who you are. You are not broken and you are not weak. You are much more than media, much more than a 4-year college, and much more than you think you are.

But instead, I give you a book, a binsi, and a blessing.

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