How are grease pits and obstetrics alike?

Well... besides the obvious.... :o)

After being directed to Jill through Rixa, I read her amazing analogous post of McDonald's and the ACOG.

I've worked in the food industry for the past eight years. When a restaurant comes out with a sensational new dish, drink, sandwich, what have you, competing restaurants don't immediately launch commercials slamming that dish as poisonous or disgusting. No - they come up with a similar item instead and try to make it better than the other guy's. Example: McDonald's recently started selling a "southern chicken sandwich." Wendy's and KFC quickly jumped on this trend and began selling their own versions of the same sandwich.

Amazingly accurate. It's true! Only in the childbirth industry, politics, and family - passionate motivators - can we get away with smear campaigning and personal attacks. Brilliant post, simply brilliant!

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Jill said...

Aw, shucks! *blushes*

Re: full story - I'm thinking about posting it on my blog, maybe a shorter version (it's really long). I was apprehensive at first for several reasons, but I think I'm over that now.


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