Nashville gets BOLD

For those of you in my neck of the woods, I wanted to let you know about our most recent endeavor, which explains my scattered mind and busyness lately.

Nashville is getting BOLD!

check us out to purchase tickets online or to sponsor this amazing event! Other BOLD event locations can be found on the national website listed on the logo above.

Wish us luck as we are in our last month of preparation!


Jenn said...

you never stop pulling things out of that hat of yours, I wish I could be there! if only they gave out free plane rides to nice girls.

Dorothy H. said...

NJ is going BOLD too - I am excited!!

(and I just realized that you are the same wonderfullymade from that doula site that we both post on...lol)

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!!! I wish i was there to be a part of it but maybe next year!!


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