ACOG, Misinformation, and the VBAC debate

Amber Craig didn't like what was going on in the world of medicine regarding policy and standards of practice. In response to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists' stand on VBAC, Ms. Craig wrote a well-thought letter to the president of the ACOG, citing sources and medical studies pertinent to the conversation at hand. In it, she suggested that they reverse their restrictive policies on VBAC - which, as a result, encouraged many hospitals and practices to "ban" women from seeking VBACs.

Well, she received a response. The ACOG wrote back, in a letter full of misinformation. So, Craig wrote back again, gently correcting them with cited resources, from their own medical publications.

The ball is in their court... Where it will go from here, who knows... But, if you are a VBACtivist, if you are a childbirth educator, doula, obstetrician, midwife, or woman, I recommend taking a look at these letters. Here you are (start at the bottom and work your way up).

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slh35661 said...

Wow, thanks for this post. I was very interested to see the reply from ACOG. We hear all the time about how we are supposed to be evidence based practice and you can see very clearly in this letter that evidence doesn't count in some circumstances. It all comes down to money doesn't it?


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