The Girl Effect

My husband and I would love to open a Women's Center here in Nashvegas. We have talked about it again and again - a place where women can come to get CPM well-woman checkups, chiropractic care, learn how to eat healthy, raw, vegetarian, or local diets... and a place where yoga, pilates, Salsa Babies and more is taught. AND a place where childbirth educators, doulas, and herbalists can offer alternative options for women and their families... AND WHERE women can come to get support for nursing, learn to sew or knit, and buy local goods that are pertinent to homemaking.

That would be the front house. Our home would be in the back... In our home, we would live... and take in a girl. Just one at a time... but a girl who is pregnant and needs a way to get out of 'the situation' - a hand up... a helping step toward self sufficiency and self respect.
It doesn't take much to change the world. One kind deed or act sets off a chain of events that can change lives forever. I think The Girl Effect is a great example of how a little act of kindness can lead to change. Watch the video and visit the website to learn how you can support The Girl Effect. - Adventures of a Breastingfeeding Mother


Jenn said...


CappuccinoLife said...

That is such a beautiful dream. I am so forcing dh to move out where you are if you get that Woman's Center up and running. :p

Sarah said...

What a phenomenal idea, nicole!! That would be an amazing ministry to your community. If you ever fulfill this dream, I'd love to come work for you! :)

BTW--did you hear about the recent court ruling for midwives in Missouri??? The Missouri Supreme Court ruled IN FAVOR of midwives and permanently dropped all fear of prosecution for felony charges!! It was decided that the doctors' case against midwives was based more on money and insurance issues, rather than the safety of midwifery care. (big surprise!!)The midwives are finally free to practice openly and legally after 25 years! I'm so thrilled and wanted to share this with you.

God bless.


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