From the Mouths of Moms....

"Oh. My. Uuugh! This baby is not a baby. It's a turd. A big, hard, turd."

(5 minutes later)

"This turd is as big as my beagle."

(5 minutes later)

"It's stuck. I swear it's not moving. How am I supposed to push a beagle-sized turd out?!?"

(5 minutes later)

baby cries fill the air as mom starts sobbing

"Oh my beautiful beautiful little angel of a doll. Little perfect beautiful baby! Look how wonderfully chubby you are! Nothin' to it, huh my little sweetie? Nothin' to it - you were so good to your mama! So easy!"

Doink? hee hee....

1 comment:

Corin said...

Hahahaha! I think this is so true and so sweet! We're definitely programmed with the ability to overlook ALL negatives once we've got that sweet little one in our arms. At least for the moment ;)

Anyway, cute post.


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