Dear Mommy pt. 5

Dear Mommy -

I saw you in the produce isle. Absentmindedly, you caressed your belly, moving your hands in gentle circles. Picking up a tomato, you squeezed it gently, and brought it to your nose. The round, perfectly ripe, glossy skin of the fruit reflecting the hint of a half-moon peeking out from beneath your gauzy top.

Deep ochre fullness, beautiful ripeness.

Sweet and round and perfectly full.

You roamed the earths bounty, like a tower of beauty and life drifting throughout your garden.

Mesmerized - I wondered at the square of your shoulders, the line of your clavicle, the definition of your shoulders and fullness of your breasts.

You were beauty animated. Strength personified. Did you realize what you embodied?

A sudden turn of your tawny mane, and our eyes met.

You smiled, a protective hand moving to your womb.

You knew.

I smiled.

You knew.

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