In the Raw

No, sorry to disappoint, I don't mean ME in the raw... I mean the alternative foodie lifestyle.

I frequent this Happy Foody blog and have tried a few of her recipes (mostly the snack things). They are waaay yummy. In fact, I don't think I have seen ANYTHING on that site that looks unappetizing. She blogs recipes that are vegan, raw, or vegan and raw. You can modify just about anything on there, but why mess with something that looks just so darn GOOD?

Likewise, there is another great completely raw blog here. She even has a rockin' recipe for RAW BROWNIES. Be sure to check out her before and after pics since starting her raw lifestyle as well to see the benefits of considering a life coach for diet and lifestyle changes.

Yet one other wonderful blog with beautiful food pics that have my mouth watering is Sunny Raw Kitchen. Visit her for a HUGE selection of additional raw blogs.

I have to tell you - dear Calvin so believes his wife has gone anti-shaving, anti-brushing, anti-meating total hippy on him at this point. I have to say, it is tempting to try... but just TRY first...

This is the part where I send a shout out to all my readers out there.... who is willing to do a RAW WEEK with me?

Just 7 small days out of your whole life to try something new and culinarily exciting? I want to see what it feels, tastes, smells, and looks like... But I want companionship. Any takers? If so, please post a comment with your email addy and we will set up a week to start.

And, just to get us in the spirit of things:


Jenn said...

hey, I'm going to try a raw food week too. I think I would like to start on monday. If you can't start it monday thats fine :)

tie-dyed doula said...

Okay, now I am really ready to start, i just visited the other blogs that you listed...yes, when shall we start...Saturday good for you??? hit me back ssealing@cfaith.com and cc shawna@babymoondoulas.org please!


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