Dear Mommy Pt. 3

When I met you - I knew you sang from your soul.

Not just the 'I sing in the bathroom because I like the sound of it' singing.

Not the 'I sing professionally for a buck because I am good but have no passion' singing.

You sing from your gut.

From your inner most part.

From your womb.

You bring life to the words that spill from your lips like warm honey. You resonate them in your supernatural and translate them to the natural. You birth spirit from your lips.

You will soon birth man from your womb.

Just as you pen letters to the paper, and they become lyrics... so you grow cells that become life.

Just as you bring tone and pitch to the keys and vibration to your throat... so you will soon bring swells and dips, cadence and rhythm to your body which will labor you.

Just as you work the song to make it your own... so soon will your body work you to make you it's own.

Are you willing to become your body's song? Will you swell with it's crescendos and soften with it's rests? Will you slip effortlessly with the melody and trip lightly to the tune?

Will your body make a love song? A ballad? Will it caress you like a lullaby or rock you like a tribal rhythm?

And will you cry because it moves you? Or will you laugh because of it's lilt? Will you allow it to possess you and leave you breathless?

It will demand your attention - it will possess and encompass you. You will be offered any seat in the house to the orchestration of life. Which seat will you take?

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