Birth At Home

Reasons to love this video:
  • Dad giving gentle pressure to move back the outer labia
  • You can hear at least one child witnessing their sibling's birth
  • Doula giving face-to-face instruction
  • Mom is upright
  • She is SURROUNDED by support
  • She breathes her baby down, no purple pushing or bearing in
  • Dad's admission that he was more involved than he ever imagined
And so many others...


Anonymous said...

yay! I needed to see some more good births. :)

Agatha said...

Oooo - why so hands-on with the labia?? I've NEVER seen that/done that...

Nicole D said...

I have seen quite a few more aggressive perineal massages done lately. Very 'all over' massage... Personally, with one birth of my own, it actually felt GOOD to have my birth partner gently rub right where the skin of babies scalp met the skin of my labia/perineum (not pulling, not stretching, just rubbing). Perhaps that is what we see here?


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