American Idol

Yes, I am an Idol fanatic. I have loved it since conception, despite the silly and nails-down-the-chalkboard early season shows... all the way to the top two.

At the top 32 stage, I told my husband I believed the top guys and gals would be:

Brooke White
Syesha Mercado
Carly Smithson

Jason Castro
David Cook
Michael Johns

I was wrong about one so far, but this is the first season I have not been able to tell the top 6 guys and gals before we got there.

Currently, my top two favorites are Brooke White and Jason Castro, although I love love Syesha as well. I believe I WOULD love Carly equally, except knowing that she has had 'her chance' kind of pales my enthusiasm for her a bit. I know, picky, aren't I?

Who do you like?


vbacwarrior said...

David Archuletta. David Archuletta. David Archuletta. I feel like a teenage girl when I hear him sing!

Vanessa said...

wow I can't believe you didn't have David at the top of the guys list. Although I am a Castro fan for his characteristics....David has this.

kris said...

i don't know all their names, but my fave girl is the country-ish one(?) and my fave guy was voted off last week.

you know what my guilty, guilty pleasures are?? hells kitchen (luv that mean brit!!) and top model. i watch when my kids are in bed, or they'd be seeing too much skin or hearing too many "bleep-bleeeep"s lol!


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