Pregnancy Nutrition

Emerging science tells us that nutrition is one of the best prevention measures we can take. This principle is even more applicable when we are nourishing two bodies during the 9 months of pregnancy. Though the feelings of morning sickness, fatigue and excitement can often make this task more difficult, there are simple steps we can take to improve our nutritional habits. Here are 3 of my favorite:

  1. Add some color. The key to a variety of healthy antioxidants and nutrients is to make sure each meal has a range of naturally occurring colors. Many times these colors come from the nutrients themselves, so keeping it lively is a good indicator that we are getting a healthy range of nutrients.
  2. Pack on the protein. The average American generally gets enough protein in a given day, but did you know that pregnant women need additional protein to nourish the growing body inside? Many researchers believe that a goal of 80-100 grams of protein daily can prevent many complications of pregnancy and birth.
  3. Eat “whole”. Whole foods diets are the new nutritional buzzwords, but what does that mean? Eating whole foods simply means consuming the food in a state as close to its natural state as possible. This can mean choosing whole grains over refined flour, brown rice over white or honey over white sugar. Whole foods often offer many nutritional benefits that are not found in other foods.

Even though it may be difficult, the nutritional choices we make now are the first nutritional choices we make for the baby as well. Besides, choosing a healthy lunch or dinner just might help to make up for that late night bowl of ice cream we were craving last night!

- Jessie Hawkins, MH, LSP

Jessie Hawkins, MH, CLA is a wife and a mother of 3, who regularly sees clients in the Williamson County area. She has attended school at Trinity College of Natural Health, The Institute for Family Herbal Care, and The Academy of Certified Birth Educators and Labor Professionals. Her credentials include CLA (Certified Labor Assistant) and MH (Master Herbalist). She has also written several books, including “Herbal Crafts” and “Lavender”, both with Silverleaf Press 2007.

For more information, please see Jessie at Vintage Remedies.

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