Ok ladies - I am extended an open Q time. Please PLEASE (can you hear the begging) post me your questions on anything pregnancy, birth, or PP related. I will research, burn the midnight oil, wax eloquent, whatever - and blog answers. I am needing a good shove in the posterior to get my creative juices re-flowing.


Kim said...

I've got one for you - I've asked another doula on her blog, too, but figure it doesn't hurt to ask two!

How do you find you work with midwives at homebirths? What services do you generally replicate? What services do you provide post-partum that midwives do not?

Anonymous said...

What timing! I have a question that I have not found anybody to ask:

When a woman has been determined "high risk" for preterm labor and given bedrest from 20 weeks into her pregnancy, does that automatically preclude a natural childbirth from happening, assuming the pregnancy is continued to full term.

Yes, the situation is mine. I am now almost 22weeks and desperate to know if 14weeks of bedrest automatically means a C-section. I've been dreaming about giving birth for so long and I just can't find any help.

Thanks for sharing your expertise,

Amber L.

Anonymous said...



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