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Wow.. I just realized I haven't blogged in awhile. I have been up to Michigan to visit family and have a few days of respite from the lovely and chaotic home-life of 5 children 7 and under. :o)

It was great to see my mom and my husband's mom and step-father. The children loved hanging out with their cousins, and I was able to see my closest friend and her now-6 month old miracle and long awaited baby!!! We made homemade chicken and biscuits, Amish friendship bread, coconut chocolate chip macaroons, and many other goodies, went through my childhood slides (which were supposed to be sorted and divided between my brother and I 11 years ago with my parent's divorce), and watched videos of my 80's self breakdancing to Criss Cross. How embarassing.

It was a delightfully nastalgic visit which I was happy to travel to, and equally as happy to return from. I missed my husband terribly and had tons of dreams of my friend and doula-client Jill. It is reassuring to be home in my husband's arms and my client's reach. :o)

It's good to be home!

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Jillian said...

Tons of dreams?? Do tell! I had a really weird one while you were gone, too.

Have I mentioned I'm glad you're home? :)


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