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OK - I have gotten enough requests on how to do the knee-chest position for turning a transverse, posterior, or breech baby into OFP (optimal fetal position) into LOA - left occiput posterior (or head down, bearing left, with the occiput bone to the back of the mother) that I thought it high time to simply SHOW my readers (and clients) so that they can see it in action for themselves. I hope that the following helps someone out there.

I found this delightful video to demonstrate.

Compliments and credit given solely to The Spinning Babies Lady :)

"An inversion is a technique for relaxing the lower uterine ligaments. It also helps a breech baby flip upside down. I learned the technique from Carol Phillips, a skilled chiropractor and craniosacral therapist who is knowledgable in the birthing process.

The Spinning Babies Website lists a number of reasons a pregnant woman might do an inversion. See "Using the inversion in late pregnancy." This blog tells you how.

Do the inversion if you feel athletic enough. Don't do it if you have trouble breathing, with asthma, for instance. Ask your caregiver if there is any medical reason you shouldn't do this. Don't do it right after your breech baby has turned head down.

1. Have a helper to brace your shoulders so you don't come down from the couch too fast.
2. Have your knees on the edge of the couch.
3. Come down slowly.
4. Brace yourself on your forearms.
5. Relax your belly.
6. Relax your neck and head.
7. Hold the pose for a minute or two, if you can.
8. Crawl forward, bringing one knee down to the floor and then the other.
9. Come to your hands and knees.
10. Sit up, on your heels and catch your breath."

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Ryanne said...

Hey, Nicole!

I love the Spinning Babies website, I found it a couple weeks ago when I was browsing some "crunchy" forums.

My Peanut is head down but still "sunny side up", if I do some of the positions from SB is it going to possibly encourage her to turn breech?


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