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I was provided a packet from It Works! for review from a local distributor. (If you want her contact information, let me know I wold be happy to provide it)...

When I opened my package, I found two of the ultimate body applicators, two samples of Greens on The Go (berry), and two Greens Chews (berry blue).

The Ultimate Body Applicators were easy enough to apply and I used them 72 hours apart from each other. I applied them to my stomach, the 'problem area' on many women, and took photos before any application and after the final application. I'm excited to say that I saw an accumulated 1/2 inch lost over 72 hours! That was quite a bit!

During that time, I didn't change anything else in my regular routine. I worked out each day, hydrated as usual, and ate my usual whole/juice diet. I did take before and after photos, but don't want to promote comparisons among women, so I'm choosing not to share them. I can say, though, I was very surprised at what quick results I did see.

Pros: I loved the smell, the cooling feel, and the immediate results. I also like that I can pronounce nearly every ingredient in them and they seem to be, by and large, very natural. They are considered safe for pregnant and nursing moms, but they don't recommend using them (presumably for liability reasons) during those times.

Cons: They were not easy to 'keep put' after placing them on, even though I wrapped with plastic wrap and an ace bandage both so that I could go about my day with them on for the required 45 minutes. Also, I found the tightened results went away within a week of discontinuing them, regardless of the fact that I continued with my regular workout and diet routine.

Ok, on to the alkalizing drink powder, aka Greens on the Go. Probably TMI but I am going to share anyways. While I am at births, I oftentimes leave feeling like I have a minor UTI. Its not from dehydration, I know that for habitual fact, but I have no other explanation... So, while I was doing this review, I went to a birth. I drank both my packets during a long birth - and walked away with 0 UTI sensation!

Pros: they taste GREAT. I totally enjoyed them, and they dissolved quite easily/thoroughly in my water bottle. The definite benefit of increased energy and no UTI feeling was a bonus. It was also great knowing I was getting good nutrition in a great taste, which many of these 'greens packets' on the market can't seem to pull off.

Cons: I only got two. No seriously, they were that good. Another downside would probably be that they contain gluten, but I'm not gluten intolerant, so it doesn't affect me.

Finally... the Greens Chews. I decided to wait 48 hours after drinking the powders before trying the chews just because I wanted to know if I would 'feel' the effects like I did with the powders. Let's start with the taste - yummy. REALLY yummy. It tasted almost too yummy to be good for you. But they are  - containing over 500 mg of fruits and vegetables. I took them both as a snack between my meals and was pleasantly surprised to notice my desire to snack between meals went away within 15 minutes.

Pros: all of the above

Cons: my kids were mad they didn't get some of my 'chewies' that they happened upon me eating.

So that's about it! It felt great doing something 'me' centric for myself that actually made me feel physically great while also helping me look great too. I have recommended It Works in the past and will continue to do so!

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Quincey W said...

I'm currently 13 weeks pregnant. I have a pack of the berry greens on the go. My doctor said they seem fine to drink while pregnant based on ingredients, just curious if you had input on that. Would you consider them to be safe during pregnancy?
Thank you


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