How to (Not) Spoil a Baby

Spoil is defined as: "diminish or destroy the value or quality of"

You cannot spoil a baby.

In fact, when I visit women and their partners postpartum, I fully expect to hear some version of the following:

“She's only happy when I carry her in my arms. The minute I lay her down, she starts crying."

“He cries every time we put him in his swing.”

“She only sleeps when she is either on one of our chests, or snuggled in our arms.”

“He seems to only either want to be held or nursed. I can't get anything else done."

Do you know why these comments are so common? Because this is common behavior for a baby. Newborns act that way because it is newborn behavior. And sometimes, understanding that, and why they do, can help new parents to accept this as part of an important developmental marker.

Don't get me wrong, everyone wants to get back to 'normal'.. but you know what? Your old normal will never again be your normal. Your new normal is defined by baby and your needs as baby and parents. The sooner you accept this, the better you can all learn to adapt to your new normal.

Hope on over and read the Fourth Trimester - an awesome article! Or call up Celina from the Houston Doula Cooperative. She is an amazing postpartum doula who can help make the transition to 'new normal' all the easier.

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