Unassisted Birth and NRP

If any of you out there haven't yet read Rixa's birth story of Inga, you really should. Not only is it beautifully amazing, wonderous, and peaceful, but she has the ability to teach us at the end of the birth story.

Her daughter entered secondary apnea, a deviation of normal neonatal respiratory efforts. During primary apnea (which occurs rather commonly), a baby can quickly begin respiratory efforts from drying, stimulating, a little puff ON the face, etc.. During secondary apnea (which occurs less commonly), stimulation alone will not help, baby needs actual AIR. 

She got it all on tape, which is awesome, and she was provided with a teaching moment. Please, even if you aren't looking to become NRP certified, take the time to read this valuable information.

I am an NRP and CPR/AED certified doula. It is important to me that I have the tools and education to help families, in the event that I am witness to a birth where baby requires a little extra help. If you are a doula or midwife and are not certified, please consider certifying.
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  1. I think people get nervous because of just how fast this can happen. We all like to imagine everything being perfect around birth and that no babies ever die, but the truth is in North America that without NPR many would.

    She didn't do a thing wrong, but it makes people nervous to have to SEE an event that is scary-no one wants to see a baby need resuscitation, even though it isn't that abnormal.

  2. thanks for sharing this. i watched both of the birth videos on rixa's post. she seemed so powerful and in-charge! totally riding the waves of each contraction and not holding back. that confidence is pretty amazing-- personally i feel like i'd be begging for it to stop, but she just kept pushing through it.

    and little inga-- her calm and quick reaction to helping her breathe was inspiring. i haven't seen many birth videos, and of course i haven't seen any where a baby required NRP, but it was just sort of matter-of-factly handled by rixa.

    i can't figure out how people think it would have ended better in a hospital!

  3. Rixa was lucky she didn't go to the hospital in my book! Please come over to my site. We discuss many natural mama topics there
    Hope to see you all there!


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