Welcome to LaborLand

Mama Bear,

I saw you rockin it, movin it, shakin it.

You were going. Going. Gone.

You pounded out rhythms with your fist raised high -
listing to that pounding beat
Moving with your pounding feet

Shaking your head you moaned down low
hips thrust out, knees all bent
Mama Bear's rockin', poundin'
Heavy and Full.

You reached and grabbed me
pulled me in

I rocked with you, moved with you
caught in your dance

You shook me, you pulled me,
you laid on me full
I held you, I sang with you

Pulling yourself up, exclaiming "Water"
and your lover
he doused your burning lips

He kissed you quickly, cautiously
moving to get out of your laborin' way

But you grabbed his shirt with your fists
and pulled him down to you
face to face
furiously and quickly
Scratchy and deep
Heavy and Moanin' "Kiss!"

Not a request, a demand.
Kissing him deep and hard
Drew your own blood on your lips

Then turned away from him
Tappin' your foot, I knew you heard that labor beat
Your womb was callin' it's music to you

And pumping the air with your open palm,
you began to "uhn uhn" your baby down

Bending your knees, you keened "So HARD"
And sought my eyes in fevered plea

I nodded,
"Strong, hard work you do"
That's all you needed to hear

Swayin' your belly, you danced that baby down
A bear mama, fierce, and loud.

Hot and Angry
Strong and Vulnerable
Loving and Hurting

You BIRTHED that baby, mama bear.


Karen said...

That is fantastic! Did you write that!?

Nicole D said...

why thank you, and yes I did. :o)


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