Singing Your Baby Down

This gives a whole new meaning to singing your baby down. I would like to give you the opportunity to meet two beautiful women that I have the privilege of knowing out here in TN. The first is the singing angel Temple. She is... sigh.

The second is her doula, my good friend, Micky Jones. You will see her sitting at her friends feet, soaking in the beauty, strength, and awe of a blessed birthing.

Grab your kleenex because you will cry. Inspired, beautiful.

BTW, she was having contractions during her song - watch her belly move with the contractions... her baby was 10lbs at birth.


Kim said...

What a beautiful video!!! Such peace - that baby is blessed to be born into such an incredible family!

AtYourCervix said...

That was one of the most beautiful labor songs I have ever heard!

I can see when she had the two contractions - by her facial expression and the furrowing of her brow. Amazing!

Vive said...

My husband and I sang through my last labour. I'd like to think it sounded this beautiful.

At one point toward the end I said to him, "You sing. I can't." He was amazing.

connie said...

hey, i know this sounds odd, but is there any chance your freind with the amazing voice and beautiful labor has a cd?

Nicole D said...

yes, she is at templetunes.com

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Mama! What an awesome experience!

Susana said...

Thanks for sharing this! How lovely. I envy anyone who can sing!

I am a proponent of vocalizing during labor, but this a whole different thing than the "aahhhhs" that I do!

Hey, can you ask your friend if she would consider helping me record a song I wrote for my anti-drunk driving website? My father was killed when I was 4, on New Year's Eve while walking across the street in front of my grandmothers house.

I wrote a song called "Fun In A Bottle." Brooke White, (who was recently on American Idol,) sang the song for me once. She thought it was "really good" and it could "go somewhere," but she couldn't help me record it because of her contracts.

I want to record the song as an MP3 so that I can make a video montage of my dad to go with it for my website and youtube, etc...

But I can't sing, and as a homeschooling family of seven kids we can't afford to hire a professional.

Honoring my father in this way is my life's dream. I need help to do this, and I would be forever grateful if she could help me.

Susana Baig



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