"The Talk" with Children Does Not Need to be Difficult

Well, for those of you who read the Tennessean, I could have been found this past Friday in the Living section. I had responded to a thread on Music City Moms message board and a reporter just happened to find the thread, read my comments, and contacted me for an article that she was working on. As a result, here is the story.

Just a bit of fun and self pats. :o)

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Ryan and Sandi said...

Way to go, Nicole! I have often remembered what you once said, "they won't ask unless they're ready to know..." It's so hard when the kids I babysit ask--their parents don't want them to know anything. You know, babies come out somehow at the hospital, it seems, maybe through the mommy's belly button? :)

Someday, my own babies can learn when they ask!



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