Birthing From Love

Birthing From Love


We find ourselves in a time where the culture of childbirth is at a crossroads. It’s time to choose which path we will take.

AND SO....
We choose the path that empowers, supports, and advocates for childbirth to be grounded in love.
We are loyal to the path that allows women to be empowered by birth and not traumatized by it.

the time has come to dissolve the ideology that has brought us to the point where women live in fear of the birthing process and under the tyranny of scathing judgment about how they bring their children into the world. This oppression of judgment has kept us from seeing the truth about ourselves. We are in this together.

It doesn’t matter where a woman chooses to give birth: in a hospital, a warm water tub, or a sacred hut in the Himalayas—it is time for us to embrace a woman’s choice to birth where she wants to birth.

It is time for us to support women in taking control of their birthing experiences—not the rigid, inflexible control that springs from fear, but the wise, empowered control that’s rooted in love. With that control, giving birth becomes an act of joy, of self-discovery, and of profound self-expression.

Birth, more than any other experience, has the potential to transform the world. It is time that we support women in experiencing birth as a peaceful, positive, and powerful event.

Birth has the potential to be the most powerful driving force on the planet. The healing of birth will surely change the world.

We must reframe the way we conceptualize birth. We must share this wisdom with the world.

Birth is something to be embraced—not controlled.

Birth is something to be welcomed—not dreaded.

Birth is something to be loved—not feared.

To those who know that our world is deeply influenced by the way we bring our children into the world.

To those who are ready for audacious steps towards changing the culture of birth.

To those who are ready to dedicate themselves to all the women of birth who feel like they’ve lost their way to the hurt, the fear, the judgment, the shame, the blame, the trauma.

To those who know we are stronger together.

Although we cannot control the choices of those around us, we have faith that the pursuit of Birthing From Love is a noble, meaningful, and powerful one.

And for the support of this declaration, we pledge to each other our time, passion, energy, and wisdom.

For the love of birth.

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